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Kingdom of Bahrain


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Branch 1

Tel. No.: +973-17583001

Fax No.: +973-17583002


Branch 2

Tel. No.: +973-17582066

Fax No.: +973-17582077


 From Bahrain International Airport

When exiting the airport, travel on Airport Avenue until you reach the Sh. Isa Bin Salman Causeway. Travelling straight on the causeway takes you into King Faisal Highway. Continue travelling over the flyover overlooking the first roundabout (Pearl Roundabout). Take the first right on the highway to enter into Seef District. At the first intersection, take a left to reach Seef Mall.



 From King Fahad Causeway (Saudi)

Once you have crossed King Fahad Causeway, continue travelling straight under the first flyover into Sh. Isa Bin Salman Highway. Continue travelling straight until you reach the second flyover. At the second flyover, follow the turn marked "Manama City Centre." This will take you into Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway. Travel straight through the first flyover and before to reach the second flyover take right track to turn left under the flyovert to enter Seef District. Take the first right to reach Seef Mall.


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